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Estate planning isn’t simply creating a Last Will and Testament. Various other considerations need to be looked at, such as tax implications and end of life care. That’s why you need a law firm that is knowledgeable in all aspects of estate planning.

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Our ongoing relationships with our clients will give you and your family the peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones will be provided for in the future with the support of our office and a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Planning Services

Many individuals don’t make a comprehensive estate plan because they don’t like to think about end of life or they feel the value of their assets are too small to benefit from an estate plan.

Everyone needs an estate plan and at Coccoro Law PC, we take the time to explain in simple terms the various documents in a comprehensive estate plan, and how these documents will benefit you and your loved ones.

Because this is your estate plan, you decide which documents will serve your objectives.

Avoid Probate Court

Going through the probate court system due to an incapacity or death takes time and money. Having a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and Trust as part of your estate plan will avoid the necessity of going through the court system. These documents allow for the efficient administration of your assets and decision-making with your healthcare.

Minimize Estate Taxes

A well-designed estate plan can minimize or eliminate the Massachusetts and/or Federal estate tax that your loved ones may need to pay at your death. We, at Coccoro Law PC, will take time to assess your assets and explain in easy-to-understand terms whether your estate may be exposed to an estate tax and ways to structure your assets to minimize or eliminate that tax.

Creditor Protection

You’ve worked hard for your assets and want your loved ones to benefit from those assets when you pass away. Including a Trust in your estate planning can provide your loved ones with protection of their inheritance in the event of divorce, lawsuit, or eligibility for government benefits.

Trust and Estate Administration Services

A Trustee or Personal Representative is the person you’ve chosen to administer your assets when you pass away. Administrative responsibilities include paying final bills, filing tax returns, and distributing assets to your beneficiaries.

We offer comprehensive assistance with administering your estate at death. If your estate needs to go through the Probate Court system, then we will prepare the probate forms and assist through all stages of the probate process. If your estate plan includes a Trust, then we will review the Trust instrument and assist with the trust administration process.

During this difficult time, Coccoro Law PC will take the time to explain to your loved ones in easy-to-understand terms the steps involved in the administration process of your Trust or estate.

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